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There are a gazillion baby items out there, and hundreds introduced every year (and lauded or panned by moms everywhere).  I’d venture to say Sophie the Giraffe (the world’s most expensive dog-toy-marketed-to-parents-but-kids-worship, $22) and the Boppy are on most people’s list – from new moms to moms with 4 kids.  (Boppy pillows cost $30-$40, and you can buy additional covers to match your décor, and they aren’t just for breast-feeding moms anymore!  Babies love to lay against them, sit up, and practice supervised tummy time with a Boppy.  You can buy them most anywhere you find baby gear.)

But that’s just one small thing you may or may not have in your nursery…so I wanted to check out 2013’s Best Baby Gear (which, I will call BBG, because as any mom knows we try to abbreviate everything!)

The Bump is perhaps the industry-standard for BBG, if you don’t want to trust the actual retailer websites, which all have their own Top Baby Things lists (especially during sales). Here’s their list for best baby stuff.

Their list, of course, has a stroller and carseat guide, but it also has an ‘Awesome Baby Gift Ideas” section, which is great for when you want to come up with a cool baby-shower gift you haven’t thought of yet (and you hope the new-mom-to-be hasn’t either!). Also, my heart did a little flutter when I saw the sub-header, “Gifts to Make Mom’s Life Easier.”  I mean, who doesn’t want that?  That list of 9 must-have items can be found here.

One product I recently discovered and wish I knew about when I had an infant in the house was this new baby-bottle-grabber-contraption, called – simply – the Ba.  Sure, babies starts to grab bottles of breast milk and formula around age three months, but this little doo-hickey makes it so much easier for them!  (It reminds me of the O Ball, which is also a cool item for infants.) You can check it out here. The original Ba costs $15. (The O Ball, by Rhino Toys, gets the dexterity going for your young kiddos, starting at $5 for a 4” ball, and can be purchased at most retailers like Target or BabiesR’Us.

Rival everything-baby website, BabyCenter, has a top-products list they update often.  You can check it out here.

Their ‘Right Stuff’ list includes “gear for every year,” and enumerates their faves in the carseat, potty, nursery, feeding and ‘on the go’ categories. I am really liking their 23-item sub-category on gear for small spaces, which can be found here.

If you love shopping online, you’re probably an regular.  I found this BBG list, from Stellar Caterpillar. (Locatedhere.)

According to the website, the list author says: "Baby Gear on this list are items that you can get a lot of mileage out of! Each item also has developmental benefits as discussed in my parenting on-line guide.”

Here are some other top picks in BBG from my dear mommy friends:

Meggan from Brick: “Other than then the necessities (car seat, crib, etc.), my top two (faves) are the Boppy and a papasan swing. During the newborn stage, my sons were almost always either on me, on the Boppy or in the swing. (Note:  a papasan swing is the new-generation of swings that cradle your baby as if they’re in a suspended seat, and swing front to back, and side to side, usually.  I have seen them retail for $120-$160, on average.)

Toby from Barnegat: “The Mamaroo hands down (is my) number one (piece of baby gear)! Number two is the Moby Wrap. I love it, and my husband loves to wear our cherub too.” (Note:  The Mamaroo, by the 4Moms company, is like a papasan swing but it’s mechanized from a base, so it sways back and forth with a motor that’s on the floor.  They retail for about $200.)

Laurie from NYC loves her baby-wearing wraps and carriers and her Snuza. (Note: A Snuza is a portable, mobile baby monitor.  They have models that are like most other baby video monitors, and then they have a model that has a small device you attach to your sleeping baby to monitor their movement (and alarms you when movement stops and can send out small vibration after 15 seconds of no movement;  it’s attachable at the diaper).   Parents say it gives them peace of mind during bedtimes!  Now that is always invaluable!)

So, Momtourage members, what are YOUR FAVES, that perhaps I missed?  Tell me which products you cannot live without (and your baby would say the same thing!).  

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Comment by Alix Hayes on February 8, 2013 at 11:25am

I totally forgot my ring sling! (wish i had it for baby 1), and i LOVE Eebee Baby DVDs (free mini-episodes on FiOS On Demand under Kids category, in MagRack Channel).  Also some personal faves:  Hyland's teething tablets, refillable baby food pouches (new to the market; diswasher-friendly) and the AquaBaby Bath Seat (used in both children after about 5 mos).  It keeps your kiddos in your big tub once they outgrow the mini-baby tubs. 

Comment by Lori Sawyer on February 5, 2013 at 10:03pm

Love my MOBY wrap!  Great post!  Will share!


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