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Stomach Bug/Fever - Virus/Flu -- What on Earth Can We Do as Parents?

I can hear the call Mommy I don’t feel well! Right away I know that the long night is going to arrive. The first step I take is do I have everything in preparation for the night? Some essentials I make a point in  having are Gatorade, ginger ale, Pepsi, crackers, bread, apples, paper towels & of course cleaning supplies.

Nothing is worse to me then having my children home sick. I just wish I could take on the bug maybe shed some pounds in the meantime.  LOL.  I guess that would be my glass half full outlook on it.


Children love comfort (since having the flu can be scary, especially for young children) and rest are key when it comes to treating the stomach flu.  I wait at least six hours before trying to introduce any food. Hydrating is so important so at any age I recommend straws encourage sips . Wait 10 to 15 minutes between sips of fluid, or small amounts of bland food. Safe bets when it comes to food include: plain white toast, white rice, chicken noodle soup, soda crackers, bananas and applesauce. (To make bland food more appealing, try using cookie cutters to cut toast into fun shapes, or serve soup with animal-shaped noodles.)

If vomiting continues after subsiding for a day or two, it may mean your child still isn't ready for foods that aren't really easy to digest. Start back at square one with fluids and slowly reintroduce bland foods before gradually returning to his regular diet.


Preventing viruses is almost impossible and believe me having a premature baby I was on the look out. Using anti- bacterial hand spray and never letting them touch surfaces truth of the matter is they need to be exposed and you can not prevent the exposure. Its unfortunate and sad for parents to watch but I can remember the bucket next to my bed we made it through just remember TLC is a very big key.  Also a visit to your pediatrician is best.  Hope this blog finds you not at the time of need as I myself am in the trenches;) hopeful this is the last day though.

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Comment by Donna Sellmann on March 10, 2011 at 12:23pm
So timely! After the whole house was hit with strep two weeks ago, my three year old is down again, this time dealing with a marks day 5 of the fever. Thankfully it is not the flu and we don't have the stomach issues to go along with it, but it's scary to think of all these new viruses popping up and spreading like wildfire. Fluids, TLC and OnDemand are getting us through the week. Here's hoping that we all make it through with our sanity and spring gets here quickly. (Of course, then we have allergy season to deal with! But that's another topic!)
Comment by Kim Donahue on March 9, 2011 at 7:55pm
Hope your is feeling better.Our house is under with the flu all your information is helpful.Nice to know someone else is doing what mommy is.Thankyou


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