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Summer has a few different stages and they go a little something like this:

  • Denial: OMG is school really over in a week and these buggers are about to be home full time? I’m not ready!
  • Acceptance: Ok, we can do this. Bring on the fun!
  • I’m over it: Summer is expensive, yo! These buggers want to be entertained and fed All.The.Time!
  • Denial: Is summer really over and I have to face back to school next week? I’m not ready! (see how this  stage comes full circle?)

I’m currently in the denial stage. We’ve reached the part of summer where September is trying to get its grips on me. I’m trying to dig my heels in and stay put, but the tug of September is strong.

My To Do List went from looking like:

  1. See where the day takes us
  2. Pack for vacation
  3. Repeat

To looking more like:

  1. Take kids back to school shopping
  2. Schedule haircuts
  3. Get kid to soccer field at 7 am for practice

I’ve got news for you. I’m not liking it. Not liking it one bit. I’m enjoying my late nights and lazy mornings. I especially like not having to be somewhere every moment of the day. Plus, there are still so many things we want to fit in this summer!

I may have to get the kid to soccer practice at 7 am tomorrow but then I’m heading to the beach.

Take that September.

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