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Premature Babies***Moms you are not alone

At 26 years old and having a two year old at home

I was approaching my 24th gestational week of pregnancy and nesting had begun. I found myself cleaning and doing all the activities I would have done prior to delivery. I felt from the time I was pregnant that I was going to have issues. Unfortunately I was right. I went into early labor and delivered at 26 weeks. I was very healthy, how could this have happened? Placenta abruption? What was that and what did I do wrong? Devastated that somehow I did this, I began to research. After everything I found, I realized it was just a freak accident. The baby gave me a swift kick and I went into labor. Healthy and all it happened to me. I remember feeling so alone in this journey.

Once my son Chris was born he was sent into the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. That was a very lonely place to be. For me, the mom watching my son, I felt helpless. Here he was less then two pounds, machines helping him fight for his life.

What could I do to help?

Again I hit the computer and books to research.

I placed soft music next to him.

Family photos surrounded him. I had help at home with our other son so I was able to stay and hold him close against my bare chest where he could feel my heart beat. I would sing and kiss him endlessly. Prayer became important and I longed for everything to be alright.

I am happy to say my son is seven and is doing terrific. I feel very fortunate and blessed. I urge mother's who are scared and facing this to know that you are not alone. Seek help from family and other parents enduring this very difficult experience of prematurity.

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Comment by Kim Donahue on December 9, 2010 at 12:18am
Very helpful.Thank you.


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