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No Pool? No Problem! Ways to Entertain Your Kids This Summer in Your Pool-less Backyard

In many ways, I feel like having a swimming pool out your own back door is the ultimate way to entertain your kids all summer long. But, even that gets old for kids!  So, here are some super fun ways to entertain your kids in your pool-less backyard this summer. 

Pool Noodle Fun
Just because you don't have a pool doesn't mean you can provide your kids with hours of fun using pool noodles!  These inexpensive pool toys {most dollar stores carry them!} can be used for everything from arts & crafts, to sport games.  Check out this link to a post dedicated to pool noodle fun for some great ideas like the one pictured above! 

Hose Tag

Arm your kids with the garden hose and let them play an old-fashioned game of Tag.  The kid who is "it" gets to spray the other kids to tag them.  Just make sure the hose isn't on full stream otherwise you might have some whining on your hands! 

Obstacle Course
Gather up the goods in your backyard--buckets for jumping, balls for throwing, jump ropes, and so on--and arrange an obstacle course for your kids.  After the kids understand how it works, have them re-arrange the course for each other.

Treasure Hunt
Set up a scavenger hunt in your backyard or immediate neighborhood if your kids are old enough to go a few houses away.  You can theme it up - nature, outdoor fun, random outdoor items - and award them with a special treat like a cold snack from the ice cream truck for completing their list.

Slip n'Slide
Who doesn't love a slide n'slide!?  You can pick up an inexpensive one at stores like Walmart or Target, and some even come with side-by-side slides for racing.  Turn it into a friendly competition of kids vs. parents for added fun. 

Lemonade Stand
This is a must-do on my kids summer bucket list every year!  To stretch out this fun summer activity, start prepping for your Lemonade Stand days in advance by allowing them to make signs and hang them up around the neighborhood.  Be sure to use your social media channels to let your friends & family know when they are having it so that they have plenty of "customers!"   

Car Wash
My kids just love getting soapy and making our car shine!  Why not encourage charitable giving, and have your kids hold a car wash for a local family in need {Think: Hurricane Sandy victims} or a childrens charity to donate the money they earn.  


Please share your go-to Pool-less Backyard fun ideas! 

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