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The holidays are over. Gift giving is done. The decorations are down. The snow finally melted. The Christmas parties, the family gatherings, eating on the run, all took their toll. In the constant battling the bulge, your body gained a few pounds. Why is it that the things that taste so good are so often so bad?

You are no loser. You are a human being imperfect NOT God perfect. It is the end of the race that counts so keep trudging on. Now is not the time to quit trying. Don't beat yourself up about the slips and occasional indulgences. If I sound like a coach, perhaps it is because I am. Now it is time to get back into the routine. You too can change your habits.

The longest journey takes one step at a time. Look at the big picture. Learn to say "No," and realize you have to decide what is important to you and what you value. In life you can't always have everything you want, so decide your priorities. I realize that fast food on the go and dining out do not fit my new lifestyle.

I have lost 90 pounds after I had lap band surgery. I didn't get to my present 160 overnight. Fat lady me took control. "They" say not to weigh yourself daily. I do. I know that the scales reflect different numbers morning, noon, and night But, to me, stepping up on the machine focuses on where I am going not where I am or have been. I know when I indulge the number will rise. It is my job to keep myself in control. Food addictions defeat.

I do not like food police; I prefer support and encouragement to keep me going. The tools that help me most are planning meals, a food log, water, nutritional supplements including protein, exercise, and, most of all, support. I cannot do it alone. My doctor, nutritionist, family, and friends are real helps.

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