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New Year New You? How To Make It For Real This Time

You have heard it before, New Year New You. Is it for real this time? Make this year the year it sticks. Whether it is weight loss, a fitness goal, going back to school, or finding a better job. It can be anything!!! But take some steps to make it real!! YOU CAN DO IT!  

You will see my obvious fitness and nutrition undertones here, but these can also be applied to everyday life. And why not start to workout or eat better! Remember, a clear, sugar free head will help you stay way more focused and help you reach your goals. #lifestyle

1. Take a deep breath and start with some baby steps. I like to look at my calendar and plan. It does not matter what your goal is to be successful, you must prep and plan. Food, jobs, kids, it all makes sense!

2. Set some realistic goals. If you want to run a marathon, but can only run a mile now, plan it out. Do your research, plan out your goals, and create some baby steps. Look at what has to be done, and break it down. Rome was not built in a day, right!

3. Get the support. Your family and friends will be your biggest cheerleaders. When doing your research above, figure out what and who you need to reach your goals. #fitnesstrainer #nutritionist #womenssupportgroup #friends #family. If you have this umbrella around you to support and protect you, you will succeed.  

4. Don't give up. Anything worth it takes work. Do not give up. It's OK to fall off, but get back on and keep going. Find some daily motivation and get going.  

5. I have found in my life and my clients, success comes with pure mindfulness. Being aware. And comes the fitness and nutrition part that can still be adapted to everyday life.  

When you workout and eat right, your mind and body are clear. When you take out sugar, processed foods and chemicals from your diet, you will be amazed on how the "fog" is lifted. When you feel and look healthy you feel more confident, stronger and ready to take on the world. This in turn, will help you get a new job, ace that big test or close a killer deal. The "infinite loop of fitness and nutrition" accounts everyday in your life.  

So pick a goal...make it happen, and get moving!

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