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Martial Arts begins with self-discipline, or what I like to call a “non-quitting spirit”.
But…before self-discipline can be developed, discipline must come from an external source, your instructor. Once a child starts to achieve, they begin to apply self-discipline, which leads to greater achievement, and achievement develops confidence.

Self-discipline itself is not enough, Martial Arts also teaches our children the art of self-defense, an important life skill. Children today face more bullies and negative peer pressure then ever before, so it is essential they have the skills necessary to distinguish between good and bad, right or wrong.

Studies have shown that...
- Children who learn self-defense become more assertive and less aggressive.
- Children who know how to defend themselves typically don't have to since they carry themselves in a more confident manner.

Healthy Body - Healthy Mind
Television, Soft drinks, Video Games, and Fast Food
These are just a few of the challenges children (and parents) face today. Combine these with a decrease in school physical education classes; it’s easy to see why weight problems and obesity among children have more than doubled in our country in the last twenty years.

Martial Arts can help children develop a healthy mind and body, so they have the energy and fitness to face life’s challenges, and succeed.


Serious Stuff
If this sounds like serious stuff…don’t worry! Children’s classes are taught in a safe, fun and exciting environment, where children are not compared to each other, but rather progress at their own pace. The competition is “from oneself to oneself”.


Self-Discipline + Self-Defense = Achievement and Confidence!

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Comment by Angie Hoffman on May 26, 2011 at 5:42pm
Two great examples! Good for your kids Kay, what an awesome accomplishment! And donna, I'm glad your daughter is having a positive experience. Keep it up!
Comment by Kay M. on May 26, 2011 at 2:45pm
All four of my children and I have earned our black belts in TKD together. It's not only been great for my kids but for our entire family. Remember-the family that kicks together sticks together. ;)
Comment by Donna Sellmann on March 30, 2011 at 4:18pm
My 8 year old daughter has been doing Aikido for nine months and loves it. She's learning defensive skills/moves in a fun manner and she loves the discipline and the goal setting that they develop outside the class as well. It's a great integration of martial arts, home behavior, and school behavior.


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