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Making a Parenting Patience-Pact with Myself -- What's Your Goal for 2014?

Instead of New Year's Resolutions, I've been hoping to make some "Parenting Resolutions" for 2014.

I feel like our household can get too chaotic with two kids under 3.5 lately, so I think I need to have a "stop-and-smell-the-roses" attitude more.  When my toddlers get on my nerves, refuse to listen to me, constantly leave toys on the floor, occasionally hit each other when fighting over something or another, or don't eat the meals I've prepped for them -- my new parenting goal is going to be to HAVE MORE PATIENCE with my family.  (*Note to husband:  you should be getting  a more polite reaction, too, when you don't put away the dry cleaning I picked up for you or forget to take out the trash.  You're welcome!)

Sometimes I think I just get a little too 'annoyed' during the day, and I'd like to be a lot more patient (and yell much less!) to be able to enjoy that my two kids are growing leaps and bounds every week -- intellectually and socially.  Seriously,  I really shouldn't be too busy, too distracted, or too irritated to appreciate that.  We are blessed to have two healthy kids, and that's really all that matters, right?  

The definition of patience isn't just counting to 10 when something 'hits the fan' or when your child takes 60 minutes for his bedtime routine.  It's multifaceted, and I'd like to incorporate its meaning as a new me-mantra for 2014:  having the capacity to accept or tolerate delay, trouble, or suffering without getting angry or upset.  

(And by the way, 'eating healthier' is, of course, kind of a standard, unspoken resolution for me every January, anyway, but going to the gym can wait another year until I have more time!)

What parenting resolutions can you make for this new year?  I've asked some of my mommy friends for their Mommy Goals for 2014, and here's what they've told me.

  • Amanda from Ocean Twp.:  I have one...I'm trying to adopt the philosophy of the Hands Free Mama (reading her newly released book after falling in love with her Facebook page and blog!) and be more present and less involved with technology when I'm around my daughter. 
  • Shannon from Tinton Falls:  Mine is to definitely learn how to balance the Working Mama lifestyle, but still manage to take care of not just my daughter but also myself, without letting other areas of my life fall apart. For example, it is time to stop saying that I need to lose the baby weight, especially since she is five years old now! (while still not letting my teaching gig suffer or my housework fall to the wayside. It seems that the key is scheduling every detail. So, that is why my Google Calendar will be my family's best friend for 2014!)
  • Laurie, in CT:  Being more present. Sometimes I'm just so stinking tired and mired down with everything I have to get done, I don't make enough time to just play.
  • Jamie in Brick:  I am working on more patience and less yelling. I feel like I get so stressed and find myself losing my patience too quickly. (Three year olds are quite challenging)!
  • Jennifer in Howell:  Mine is the same as Jamie's! 
  • Kate from Atlantic Highlands:  Not being so hard on myself and trying to tell myself 2-3 things that either I did right, or went well that day - at the end of each day. Focus on the positives.
  • Toby from Brigantine:  No more daddy sabotage. 
  • Natasha from Cranbury:  I'm with Jamie! I thought it was just my 3 year old!  {This sounds like a popular resolution for parents of kids under 5!}
    Sure, my kids are younger, so I'm guessing parents of older kids will have different Mommy or Daddy Goals for the year…Am I right?
    Here's to a less stressful, more patient, 2014!

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