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I've got mad mom skills...and then some definite failings!

I have discovered that since giving birth four years ago, my basketball skills are amazingly awesome! I guess I learned to throw a dirty burp cloth across the room (and many times, right into the clothes hamper, I may add) because I was often nursing on a too-large-couch or was doing something baby-delated and just felt it easier to toss the cloth. It probably happens a few times a day: tossing a Kleenex into the garbage, hurling a stuffed animal into the toy box, chucking a random sock into the laundry basket...

Seriously, I sometimes amaze myself (and I mean this because after I finished with adolescent gymnastics I have really had zero athletic ability!). I can be 10 feet away from the kitchen garbage can, but still manage to throw an empty juice box into the receptacle. And I mean with NBA-style. Sometimes I secretly whisper, "Score!" and sometimes I say to myself, "Is that a jump shot? Nothing but net?" I am not kidding: I have been known to toss a popsicle stick during craft time into my son's waste basket -- after it bounces off the wall, then does a flip before it lands in the trash. Three points for me.

I kinda think I have some mad skills, here. I am, since age 36, an ace at hitting a target. (And perhaps this has been borne out of mom-necessity to be as-quick-as-possible-doing-anything.)

But I certainly have no delusions. Since having my two kids I have noticed I simply cannot stand the simple task of spinning around. Carousels make me want to hurl. The tilt-a-whirl-rides at carnivals? Forget it. In fact, I don't really like spinning my kids around on the playground, or picking them up and doing a fast-spin with them in my arms. It's like once I had a baby I lost those skills that require great equilibrium. (Perhaps it's an inner-ear thing, that comes with getting older?)

I absolutely have gained some blabber-worthy skills post-parenthood, and there's no doubt in my mind there are some other failings that have also come with becoming a parent. These two things -- my hook arm, and my hatred of spinning -- keep coming to mind. What do YOU excel at now that you're a mom? I bet our Momtourage friends have some mad mommy skills, too!

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Comment by Hackensack Meridian Health on October 20, 2014 at 5:22pm

Great post Alix! 


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