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Life is funny – just when you hit your stride, it throws you a curveball. Sometimes its minor. Sometimes it’s a doozy.

I’m not just talking about running. I’m talking about life. Every part of your life has a stride. And, in my experience, it’s not always easy to maintain that stride. 

When my husband and I met it was all new. By the time we got married we had hit our stride. The engagement year was a bit rocky (with us both making our “forever” compromises) but by the time we got married it was smooth sailing. Five years later, we decided it was time for baby to make three. Except life did not make it so easy. Three miscarriages and failed fertility treatments really took a toll on our stride. Then, through the power of Stella Artois, my son was conceived and we hit a whole new stride. And it was good! Then parenthood…well, you parents know all about that. 

Work? The rhythm is wavy these days. I am sure I will look back at this time and reflect upon how much I learned. Right now, it’s a roller coaster. 

And, though I have set a goal to do my second half marathon this spring, I have lost some of the spring in my step. A poorly-timed tendon tear derailed running for three months during prime running weather and I had to try to get back in the game as cold and darkness hit my days. I have said it before: I have no dream of being an elite athlete. However, I was pretty proud of myself last year after my first half marathon. Today, I wonder if I will even make the pace I made last year. 

And, oye, don’t even get me started on motherhood. I know it is a marathon, not a sprint. But OMG! With every single decision I feel as though I am setting the course of my son’s future. Trust me when I say I don’t always feel like “I got this." And, just when I start to master a stage or a phase that kid throws me a huge curveball. I attribute all of my grey hair (except the one I’ve had since I was 16) to motherhood. My son has caused me endless worry and has increased my tab at the salon. But the explosive, joyous, and amazing feelings of love keep me going.

And that is the common denominator. 

I appreciate how important it is to love every single moment. Even the moments when I have no idea where I am going. Every moment of growing old with my husband. The surprising victories at work. Pushing my body to work harder and be stronger. And the boundless love, hugs, and kisses from my son. These are the upside of any downside. 

Perhaps I have lived long enough to understand sometimes you coast and sometimes it is the hardest work in the world to just move forward. And just because “I don’t got this” today doesn’t mean I won’t be kicking my heels up and sighing contently tomorrow as I say “I so got this." It’s been known to happen from time to time. 

People change. Life changes. Your stride changes. I guess you just have to enjoy the run!

Enjoy your run, Momtourage Moms!

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Comment by Maria on February 7, 2016 at 2:40pm

Great post Tria. So relatable...


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