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Getting Prepared for the BIG EVENT: Hurricane Sandy is on her way!

So what's everyone doing?

Going crazy, stocking up on supplies?  Or getting a few necessities should the power go out?  Trying not to freak?  Staying reasonable with the demands and needs of your family?

I hit BJ's and Target yesterday and today to get baby supplies (food, puffs, formula) and I'm prepping other stuff like moving some breast milk from the freezer to the fridge (I would be FURIOUS if it spoiled!) some water and food we don't have to cook...added bags of water to the freezer and will be turning up the fridge and freezer temps....did some common sense things around the house to get prepared for the storm. (I was under a mattress for Hurricane Andrew in Miami in '92, so these things don't freak me out too much, but having a breast-feeding infant and a toddler make things a bit more harried, to say the least!)

So, for the time being we're watching The Weather Channel, we're watching for evacuation notices, and we're keeping tabs on family 2 hours south and 2 hours north.  Another friend is possibly going into labor TONIGHT at Riverview Medical Center, so I'm thinking of her as the barometric pressure keeps changing!  (GO JESS!)

We have to help 'shore up' a relative's beach house tomorrow with sand bags, and bring in their patio grille, but hopefully that won't take too long.   Oh, and hubby will be bringing in our patio furniture tomorrow. (Hee, I almost forgot about our own casa!)  Thank goodness we have a small shed because we don't have a garage!  I'm hoping tall trees in our yard won't pose a problem -- and I'm envisioning sleeping with the kiddos for the next 2 days.  (Made me feel better when Irene hit.)  Guess we should check our sump pump (and emergency battery generator-thing), but we are not filling our bathtub with water or anything.  Didn't buy Bunson Burners and didn't get out camping gear.  I'm betting we lose power like with Irene, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed it doesn't stay off for long.

Oh, great -- TWC just said "It's going to be worse than with Irene," during a live report from Pt. Pleasant Beach.  Hmmm, anything else?!?!?!  

Stay safe, everyone!

Here's a link to Monmouth County Emergency Management.

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