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Finding Time for Me, a Working Mom

If someone asks my occupation there are numerous answers I can give: mom, wife, technical assistant, chauffeur, teacher, chef, doctor, and so on. (You get the idea.) But most important of all (even more important than a mom, I know, crazy) is that I am ME. I may be and do all those things, but if I don't take care of ME, the actual person I am, none of those other jobs/careers/occupations will ever turn out the way they are supposed to. And I'm learning that the hard way.

The baby just turned 8 months old and I can feel my stress level rising. My house is inundated with baby toys, on top of all the baby clothes and gear. Add in all the kiddo's clothes and "stuff" (as 5th graders call it) and you've got my house ¾ full. Basically, I'm running out of room. In my house and my brain. It's time to step up the me time.

One of the things I've been looking into is yoga. Every time I go to the doctor's to discuss my anxiety I'm always told to look into yoga. Not only is it good for your body—increased flexibility, added strength, better balance—but it plays an integral part in your mind's health, reducing stress. (It can also aid in weight loss.)

So with all all these benefits of yoga, one would wonder why it's taking me forever to take my yoga DVD out of the package. Time. There never seems to be enough of it. Well, that stops today. I'm determined to create a new schedule that includes time in it for me. My sister's wedding is in 7 months and life is going to be getting more and more hectic—1st birthday party, 5th grade graduation, bridal shower—and that's obviously not including all the other day to day chaos. AND I need to lose weight.

Finding time for me always seems to be difficult. I don't have time early in the morning as my husband leaves for work at 5am and once the day starts it feels like it gets away from me in the blink of an eye. I work full time from home, so I also have to contend with those hours. And doing anything after 4pm feels icky for some reason. BUT I did it. I took the time and went for a fast paced walk this morning. Walked one mile. Met up with a neighborly friend and her husband (we used to be Curves buddies before our location closed) who were out walking. Put me to shame. The only good thing was that if I slowed down, the baby—who was in her carriage—started crying. So I needed to keep up my fast-ish pace. Which was tough at times because it was a bit chilly (so my ears were super cold) and it's been a while since I've walked. But I did it. I found the time for me. Yes, I had to stop doing what I was doing. And yes, I lost that hour so the 2nd load of laundry may not get done today. But I am one mile stronger than I would have been otherwise.

The above image is my walk from this morning. I use TrainingPeak's Walk Tracker (you can find it here) so even though it shows only .99 mi, I did in fact walk farther. I had pressed pause on my headphones while I was walking and talking to the couple I met up with. ;)

Tomorrow it's yoga time. Definitely. (It's supposed to rain anyway.)

How do you make time for yourself? If you work, how do you fit it in without sacrificing other aspects of your life? How do you stop feeling guilty if you can't get to that load of laundry?

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Comment by Hackensack Meridian Health on March 2, 2012 at 10:22am

Being a mom and working full or part time sounds like hard work, Keep up your good work Erin! 


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