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Feb. 29th: A Great Day to Pay it Forward

February has an extra day this month, as we all know. It might just feel like any other day and could possibly fly past you without any fanfare. With a golden opportunity of an extra 24 hours, why not use it to have some fantastic pay-it-forward fun? Sure, April 25th is the official Pay-it-Forward Day according to the Pay it Forward Foundation, but I don't think they would mind us throwing some love into the world on February 29th this year, do you?

There are really no rules in the whole Pay it Forward movement. All you have to do is basically do something nice for someone. The idea is that the person who receives your kindness should then do something nice for someone else, and so on and so on until everyone on the earth has done something nice for another person. As a bonus, everyone will in turn have something nice done for them as well. It really is a beautiful thing.

If you have ever done something nice for someone, you know the wonderful affects that gesture has on everyone involved. The act in itself can help a stressful situation or perhaps give a much needed break to a person in need. However, doing good for others can also make the world a better place. Those small gestures help prove the point that there is good in the world. When people see good things, they may just be inclined to do good things themselves. It can spread happiness all over.  

So let's take February 29th to make the world happy. Don't know what to do? Here are some suggestions:

  • Leave an anonymous note on a coworker's desk telling him or her what a good job they're doing.
  • Buy a cup of coffee for the person behind you in line at the coffee shop.
  • Deliver a box of doughnuts to your local nursing home.

The trick is to not expect anything in return. Also, if someone does something nice for you, go ahead and do something nice for someone else. Keep the happiness going as long as you can.

I understand this whole thing sounds just a bit sappy. That's OK with me. I refuse to stop seeing the good in people. Have a wonderful February 29th!

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