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Easy ways to create a healthy pantry for you and your family!

If it is in my pantry, I will eat it.  It’s true.  Put a box of Oreo’s in that pantry and they are gone.  So I just do not keep junk in the house.  If there is only healthy things in the pantry, that is what you will eat.  It is really a simple concept.  One that I follow and one that seems to work in my house.  The kids eat what we have.  End of story.  This should not be a fight with your kiddos.  YOU are the BOSS right?!?!?  YOU food shop, right?!?!?  SO let’s clean the cabinets and let’s get healthy. 

Spring Cleaning!!!

There are a few basic rules you need to follow:

  • NO high fructose corn syrup
  • NO processed or refined foods
  • NO foods high in saturated and trans fats
  • NO artificial colors or flavors
  • LOW sugars
  • Read your labels

How do you do this?

Open up your pantry and read each box, can, etc.  Make sure the garbage can is close by!!  Toss anything that has HFCS, high saturated fats, etc.  Really read your labels and boxes, artificial colors and flavors??  Really look and see.  Look for foods that are flavored and colored with NATURAL JUICES, etc.  Also look for snacks that are made with natural organic purees instead of sugars and starches.   One rule I follow is that if there are ingredients you do not know in a product, educate yourself on it, and see if it is actually beneficial for you.  Most of the time, if it’s a “chemical sounding name”, it is probably chemical.  YUCK…do you want your family to be eating high processed chemicals???

NEXT…The more natural the better.  Organic is usually the best, but not an absolute.  Be smart, and educate yourself on what is the most beneficial to eat organic.  Stock lots of natural based foods, brown rice, quinoa, and barley instead of pastas.  And make your own snack bars instead of buying ones that are processed and pre made.  So stock your pantry with oatmeal, nuts, fruits, and natural sweeteners. 

Get rid of the white sugars, and replace them with honey, natural brown rice syrup and sugars in the raw.  Most of the time, you will not need extra sweeteners if you are cooking with h fruits and natural spices.  So try a new spice each week like turmeric, cumin, and clove.   

Head over to Bed Bath and beyond with some 20% off coupons, and buy some cool bulk containers.  Then you can buy natural healthy foods and store them properly.  Cutting back on the junk and replacing it with natural healthy supplies will really make a difference in your lifestyle. 

Teach your kids how to eat and cook healthy.  I cannot stress enough how important this is in life.  Remember, our kiddos are sponges, they live and breathe YOU.  Introduce them to the world of health and fitness now, so it is part of their life.  Your pantry should be stocked with easy ingredients to make your own healthy meals and snacks.  Not tons of boxed pre made processed foods. 


NOW…you are saying to yourself…YOU ARE OUT OF YOUR MIND?!?!  I’m a mom; I do not have time to do this????  Guess what, you do!  I am a mom; the women we work with are all moms.  They ALL cannot be wrong?!?  You pre plan your days with Dr appointments, sports activities, work and kids.  Why can’t you pre plan your meals?!?  You totally can with a little time and effort.  Make is a fun kids activity on the weekend.  Make your own snack bars with the kids!  (Want the recipe?!?  Email Me!)

So…let me simplify this overwhelming post.  It is a simple concept.  Junk in the pantry means JUNK in your family’s bodies.  YUCK!!  Clean out the junk, and take a little time to educate yourself on food labels.  If you cannot understand most of what is on the label, it is probably not great for you. 

Stay away from the artificial flavors, and colors.  Look for all natural instead.  And pick a recipe a week to try as a family!!  Make FUN snacks together and create a healthy kitchen.  Just take a little time TOGETHER and pre plan.  Your kids and body will thank you!!!

For more information, and classes on nutrition, visit 

Some of our classes are now adding a nutritional component.  A simple handout each week that gives you some great advice, recipes and unconditional support!!

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