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Crazy, hi-tech kid toys and gear…what did our parents ever do without these?

OK, I can't figure out if I love some of these, or if they're insane and way-over-the-top.  

My brother sent me a photo of this iPad compatible potty-seat (with caption, "bizarre, wrong…and yet prepares kids for real life")…at first I was like, 'Seriously? What WILL companies think of next!  [Of course, there's a social argument that millions of kids don't even have plumbing in impoverished parts of the globe, so buying this might seem so ridiculous, right?]

Then, I looked at how it's almost like a desk (when the lid is closed), and I'm thinking my younger toddler would totally use it as a supported seat to play w/our newly-acquired used iPad.  And then, I'm recalling how a close mom-friend just told me the other day that she potty trained her son using the iPad;  he only got to use the device when he was sitting on the toilet -- never any other time.  She said it majorly helped with potty training.  So, after my initial, "WTF?" moment, I now kinda think the computer-stand-in-a-toddler-crapper is BRILLIANT.  

Here's the link if you want to check it out on Amazon.  

Two years ago, people probably thought getting a cutesy tablet cover for kids was ridiculous, and of course you now see them everywhere -- from brightly covered and durable ones (even a drop from the kitchen table won't dent the PBA-free plastic!) to plush ones like the Fisher Price Aptivity Monkey.

And did you know there is a company selling "interactive pajamas?"  Yup, you read that correctly!  I have read the instructions/description and it seems too high-tech for me (downloading an app, then you scan the different dots on your tot's cotton PJ's and voila -- a new bedtime story pops up on your phone.  I think if I have even a moment's delay in pulling up a story my kids would start complaining, LOL.)  Of course, this cool technology is patent pending, and you can buy them here  and various online retailers.

Seen any other high-tech kid or baby gadgets?  Let me know!

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