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One of the greatest parts of motherhood for me was the confidence that came with it. Sure, at first I felt like I wasn't doing anything right and I questioned every step I had to make. But after some time, when I had some major decisions under my belt and somehow my kid was still thriving, I began to see that I wasn't a complete screw up. So if you're new at this mom thing, never fear-you won't feel clueless forever!

As years have passed and we've added more babes to our menagerie, I've grown to be almost fearless. I have faced down a lot of demons and now I am confident enough to try anything in life.

Here's the problem, sometimes I'm not sure who I am anymore. I know who I was before kids, but it is futile to try to be that girl again because she's gone and that's not such a bad thing. I have more perspective, more peace of mind and unfortunately a few more pounds. Just like trying to get into my high school jeans (which are acid washed and pegged so I don't really want to) is a silly goal, so too might be trying to recapture who I was before kids.

We're cautioned not to lose ourselves as mothers. We're warned that if we throw ourselves too far into our children's lives we'll be left with nothing after we've raised them to move on. So how do we go about not losing ourselves if we're not even sure who we are?

For me, I have found trying new things like, joining groups and reaching out to other parents has helped. I'm discovering this new person I've become slowly but surely through surrounding myself with different types of people in various settings. I've found this quest for reinvention or rediscovery is pretty common among moms, so I've been helped by having terrific company on my journey.


This venue is the perfect safe place to start.  You can begin conversations with other moms while you may still be trapped inside with a screaming, spitty baby. Then, soon enough you'll be confident enough to leave the computer screen and step out to find the amazing new woman you have become.

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