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This time of the year fills me with a sort of dread and anxiety that I don't have any other time of the year. It's back to school season. Moms everywhere are in panic mode as we sort through supplies and clothes, dust off our alarm clocks, and attempt to replace some semblance of normalcy in our daily routines.

In addition to all of the above, I am frantically prepping to send my 9 year old type 1 diabetic back to school.

Same school. Same nurse. New teacher. I don't yet have her teacher assignment, so that in and of itself makes me anxious. A new teacher is the equivalent of a mini crash course in type 1 diabetes. Not only must we educate the teacher, but we also have to provide specifics as they apply to my daughter's condition. These may include activities that may cause her blood glucose level to fall or rise.

The first few weeks are like walking on pins and needles until everyone involved adapts to the new year and new schedule. I spend more time checking my phone than I do my email. I unnecessarily bombard my daughter with questions when she gets off the bus. There may be a few sleepless nights in there somewhere, too.

It's difficult to relinquish control to other care providers after having full control of my daughter's diabetes management for several months during her summer break. It's almost impossible for me to go hours without knowing what her blood glucose numbers are. From the time she steps on the bus until the moment she steps off of it, I am in the dark.

What keeps me from going crazy? A competent nurse, an independent daughter, and an understanding teacher. We have been incredibly fortunate to have all of these since she was diagnosed in February 2014. I know after we get over the hurdle of the first two weeks, it will be smooth sailing. I know that my daughter will be well taken care of and that her health will remain a priority. I'll be able to stop checking my phone obsessively. My anxiety level will drop, and my fears will assuage. We will have our new normal, and it will feel good.

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Comment by Beth Keklak on August 24, 2015 at 9:55am

I think the key statement there that you make is independent daughter.  You've done a good job raising your girls and if she is confident in handling her diabetes, you have much less to worry about, mama!


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