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5 Must-Have Beauty Products for Winter

The harsh effects of winter can wreck havoc on our skin. From dry and flaky to dull and lifeless, our skin is proof that winter is not kind.

Rather than let winter win this round, I stand up to it with a few must-have beauty products that kick winter in the shins.

These must-have winter beauty products are inexpensive and can easily be worked into your daily beauty routine.

1. An Exfoliator

Using exfoliating products on a regular basis helps to remove dead skin cells that remain on the skin's surface. The colder the temperatures become outdoors, the drier the skin becomes and the more dead skin cells accumulate. It's important to remove dry skin cells to uncover healthy, gorgeous skin below the unhealthy cells.

The key to effectively using an exfoliator is to use a different one for your face than you would use on your body. Your facial skin is much more sensitive. A gentle exfoliator is a must for your skin. I like Neutrogena's Deep Clean Invigorating Foaming Scrub. It has small soft beads that gently exfoliate dead cells to give you a gorgeous glow.

For the body, I love bliss Blood Orange+White Pepper Sugar Scrub. Not only does it smell divine, but it works beautifully. Sugar crystals gently exfoliate the skin to leave behind smooth and fragrant skin.

2. A Moisturizer

What good is an exfoliator if you don't protect your skin from immediately becoming dry again?

Moisturizers protect the skin from becoming dry and flaky. But most moisturizers work on the surface of the skin only. They don't penetrate the layers to send moisture below the top layer of skin.

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