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5 Things You MUST Do Before The Kids Go Back To School

I know what you're thinking--I have enough to do before the kids go back to school.  But, here me out...

1.  Take five minutes to figure out what your weeknights will look like come September...
How will this help? If you know your son has soccer on Tuesdays, and your daughter has girl scouts and then dance classes on Thursdays, then you better dust off that crock pot. You can sit down Sunday and plan your weekly menu with ease if you know your schedule in advance. No more scrambling at 5pm to figure out what's for dinner.  

2.  Set up a shared family calendar on your iDevices...
Why use a wall calendar if no one is going to look at it--or add things to it! Most kids have iDevices these days, and it's simple to set up a shared calendar. Kids are then responsible for adding due dates for assignments, and you will receive an alert that something new has been added to the calendar. Be sure to add all practices and games, as well as locations for them in advance. Having a shared calendar has really put our schedule on auto-pilot.

3.  Sign up for Peapod...
My weekly grocery budget for a family of 7 has stayed around $150 a week for 2 years now. Using Peapod has truly saved me more time and money then I imagined. Every Sunday morning, I sit down with my calendar (see why #1 and #2 are so crucial for me?) and I plan our menu for the week. I take a quick inventory around the house for what's needed, and buy only what I need for that week. Using Peapod has eliminated impulse purchases at the grocery story and that alone more then makes up for the $5.95 delivery fee. Peapod will also double coupons up to $.99! Give it a try--I'll even pass along my Refer-a-Friend coupon to our Momtourage readers (you'll save $20 off your first order, no strings attached!). 

4.  Check one more thing off your kids summer bucket list...
Sure, this last week is filled to the rim with things like hair cuts and orientations, but try to sneak in one more summery-fun thing with your kids. It can be as simple as a bike ride to the ice cream store, or as big as an evening at Great Adventure. The kids will thank you.  

5.  Sneak in a summer date night with your hubby...
Once September rolls in, and our schedules take over, date nights are harder to come by. Can't get a sitter? Sit on your deck together under the stars and reminisce about summers past over frozen cocktails. Umbrellas optional.  

For more ways to organize your chaotic life, stop by my blog

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