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Keeping the Holidays Magical for Non-Believers

5 out of 5 - seems to be the ratio of believers to non-believers in our house this year.  

Our youngest is 9 years old. I feel like, when we were younger, the magic of believing lasted well beyond double digits. I blame this whole Elf on the Shelf movement for the reason for younger realization. I mean, it's one thing to believe in a jolly man in a red suit coming down your fireplace, but asking kids to buy into a stuffed toy that flies back to the North Pole each night {well, if I'm…


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Spring Break "Stay-cation" vs. "Vacation"

I've never been fond of taking the kids on a vacation during Spring Break. Almost every family I know usually plans some sort of trip when the kids are off from school for an extended period of time, so vacationing through crowds has never seemed relaxing to me. 

Spring Break is the perfect time of year to spend some quality time with your family. If you prefer braving the crowds for that dose of quality time, good for you. But if you are more like me, and are looking to stay local,…


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Get a Hold of Holiday Shopping with the "Santa's Bag" App

Christmas is a little over two months away. Before we know it, we will be right smack in the middle of crazy holiday shopping madness. If you're anything like me, the earlier you start your shopping and grabbing things here & there, the easier it becomes to forget what you've spent and even purchased along the way.  

Last year, in an effort to organize yet one more part of my life, I found a great app called "Santa's Bag" that helped me budget and plan for the holiday season…


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Allergy-Friendly Snacks for the Classroom

Growing up, I didn't know a single person with food allergies.  

Not one. 

Now, it seems like more then half of the kids in my children's class have some sort of food allergy--mine included. My son was diagnosed anaphylactic to eggs, dairy and all nuts before turning one. His elementary school years were a constant battle between keeping him safe in the classroom and finding a balance socially so that he didn't feel left out of things like holiday parties.  

As a mom of…


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5 Things You MUST Do Before The Kids Go Back To School

I know what you're thinking--I have enough to do before the kids go back to school.  But, here me out...

1.  Take five minutes to figure out what your weeknights will look like come September...

How will this help? If you know your son has soccer on Tuesdays, and your daughter has girl scouts and then dance classes on Thursdays, then you better dust off that crock pot. You can sit down Sunday and plan your weekly menu with ease if you know your schedule…


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My Take on Mental Snapshots

I was inspired by Tria's recent blog post, Snapshots, to share my point of view on the topic.  I agree with the importance of taking mental snapshots during ordinary times, but my reason behind taking them is much different.  …


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Healthy Alternative for a Favorite #SuperBowl Appetizer

Like many of you, the new year means counting calories and the days until we have to wear bathing suits while chasing our kids poolside.  If you're anything like me, it's taken a few weeks to detox from the holidays and just in time for our new year eatting habits to be working, Super Bowl Sunday makes an appearance. 

I'm a sucker for boneless chicken wings, and recently found this healthy…


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Do you still date your husband?

I may be a "newlywed," but I'll never stop dating my husband. 

Ever. As a remarried divorcee, I can honestly contribute our weekly date nights as one of the top reasons for our successful relationship.   For the last two and a half years, we have had a weekly date night.  That's…


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Back to School Organization Tips

Cue the music:  "It's the most wonderful time of the year...."

With school starting just a blink away, it's time to turn around our relaxed summer routines and get back into organization mode!  Here are some of my go-to tips for organizing yourself over the next few weeks…


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5 Ways to Thank Your Child's Teacher

The end of the school year is a perfect time to thank your child's teacher for all that they did to make the year a successful one.  I always turn to Pinterest to find adorable ideas to say thank you that won't break the bank.  Here are 5 that I found that won't cost a fortune, but will be sure to stand out in their mind:  

1. Thanks for a Picture Perfect Year! 

2. Teacher,…


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Why we let our kids play games at the dinner table....

Days are long, and nights are short. The kids are in school all day while we are working, after-school is filled with the hustle and bustle of sports, scouts, and homework, not to mention wrapping up our own work day and preparing for the next one. Those few hours before bed are sometimes exhausting, and we often find ourselves being pulled in many directions. So when dinner time comes, all we want to do is gather around the dinner table and spend some quality time with our kids.

A… Continue

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What to do when "Mom-Guilt" strikes...

I missed making Gingerbread Houses in my daughters first grade class the other day.  It was the first--of what I can only assume will be several--class parties that I've missed since becoming a mom almost a decade ago. There was just no way on earth for me to make it work, so I arranged for my super cool little sis to take my place. 

But that didn't stop mom-guilt from riddling my body.  

For those of you who have yet to experience what a case of "mom-guilt" feels like, I can…


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Work-Life Balance--Is there such a thing?

What do you get when you take the last few weeks of summer vacation, toss in a new full-time job, and then sprinkle it with moving into a new home?  A completely exhausted, overwhelmed, and if you ask my kids, a somewhat cranky mom!  

I've been working 40+ hours a week {mostly from home} for over a year now, but when the opportunity came to start a career in corporate healthcare, I jumped on it.  Although I wasn't sure I was quite ready to be a 9-5'er, the stars aligned and the job…


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My Favorite "Me-Time" Indulgences at the Shore

Summer is the perfect time to treat yourself to a little escape, so I thought I’d share some of my favorite summer “me-time” indulgences with you. 

Window Shopping & Fro-Yo in Point

While my kids will willingly take a trip to the mall with me any day…


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No Pool? No Problem! Ways to Entertain Your Kids This Summer in Your Pool-less Backyard

In many ways, I feel like having a swimming pool out your own back door is the ultimate way to entertain your kids all summer long. But, even that gets old for kids!  So, here are some super fun ways to entertain your kids in your pool-less backyard this summer. 

Pool Noodle Fun

Just because you don't have a pool doesn't mean you can provide your kids with hours…


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End-of-the-Year Teacher Gifts

With the end of the school year just around the corner, it's time to start thinking about giving thanks to the men and women who helped our children grow this year--their teachers.  Even if the classmom collects a few dollars from every student, handing your son or daughters teacher a small, personal gift is a nice way to give appreciation for all they did throughout the school year. 

Here are some of my favorite ideas: 

"Thanks for making this school year feel like…


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Easy & Affordable Spring 2013 Beauty Trends for Mom

It's the perfect time of year to purge your makeup bag and switch up your beauty routine in preparation for the bright and sunny Spring days that are on the horizon.  I am a firm believer in how spending just ten minutes on your hair and makeup can make a girl feel like a million bucks - even if she does have snots on her shirt from boogy-nosed kids!  I am also a big fan of CVS, because I know full well the "mommy guilt" you feel for spending a pretty penny on lipgloss when your kids are…


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Make Valentines Day Extra Special for Your Kids

A few years ago, I started a "Valentines Mailbox" tradition with my kids.  I picked up small metal mailboxes and decorated them with their initials.  Then, each day from February 1st through Valentines Day, my children wake up to a small treat from me (think: lollipops, a pack of bubble gum, candy in conversation heart boxes, valentines day pencils, and--of course--a Valentines Day scratch off "lottery" ticket for the big day!)  They get so excited every morning when they see the flags…


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4 Quick Holiday Gifts for Teachers, Neighbors & Friends

We are right smack in the middle of Fa-la-la-la-laaaaaa, aren't we!?  If you are anything like me, you've done most of your holiday shopping but still have a few "small" gifts to round up to complete that list.  I never forget something small for the teachers and school nurses, or the bus drivers.  And, I always like to have a few extra gifts on hand for that neighbor who pops over with a small treat for the kids! 

Here are four ideas for adorable, hand-made gifts for teachers,…


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5 Fun & Safe Ways to Keep Kids Active During the Fall

Fall is the perfect season to encourage your kids to spent time outside.  But sometimes as the weather starts to get cooler, I find that my kids want to cuddle under their blankets and play their DS's, instead of riding their bikes with their friends.  Here are five things you may want to do with your kids to keep them active this Fall:


1. Organize a Fall Scavenger Hunt - be sure to include all of the different color leaves, pinecones, and…


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