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Advice For New Moms-From A Mom Who Wishes She'd Taken More of It

A few years ago my oldest and youngest had surgery at the same time. One got ears tubes removed and one had tonsils and adenoids removed. It all went beautifully, but as a selfish mom, the best part might have been recovery for me. As my baby girl (who was eight!) slept in the recovery room, I jumped at the opportunity to just stare at her beautiful face. She was so quiet and still and it had been a very, very long time since I was able to just drink her in. It felt just like when she was…

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Late Santas

dgtree In my house, we are late Santa’s. Every year, since we’ve started a cash-only life, we start Christmas shopping as soon as the second check of the month hits. Some years it’s been in the teens and others pay day has been dangerously close to the 25th. It always works out though and everyone gets most of what they want Christmas Day.

I’ll admit, in the past I got a little…


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Bullying and The Village Approach

A million years ago, when I was a teacher, I was on the school’s Behavior Management committee and we worked on a new school wide plan to curb some not so lovely behaviors. We didn’t call it anti-bullying and we didn’t purchase some published kit that costs thousands of dollars. We just set about creating standards and lessons that emphasized empathy, kindness and self-esteem and we did it in a way that encompassed the entire community in a uniform way. The expectations for behavior were…


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Apple Crumble Recipe Just in Time for Fall

It's that time of year again. I'm not sure if it's everywhere, but I know that in Jersey, people go crazy for apple picking. If you're anything like us, when you take the kids to the orchards you might get a little crazy with the abundance of fruit. Then you get home and think, what the heck am I going to do with all these apples? Well, I'm here to…


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Summer Food Tips:Pineapple The Cheap & Easy Way

Now that it's summer (kind of) around here, we are delving into all the yummy, warm-weather fruits. I love pineapple but I used to never buy it because it is so expensive to buy precut. I was always intimidated by whole pineapples but I just decided for around $2, it was worth learning what to do with them. 

The video below shows me cutting a pineapple the quick and easy way-no fancy tools necessary. When you get yours, remember you want it to be a golden yellow color and soft but not…


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Healthy Snack Ideas for Kids' Lunchboxes

I'm always asked what I put in my kids' lunchboxes. I know at this time of the year, they might be bored and it's time to switch up a bit. So, here are some healthy snack ideas at my house. You can find a recipe for gluten free granola (which I add to yogurt or apple sauce) on my blog,The Right Hand Mom.…


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How to Cut an Avocado

Avocados are not only delicious, but they are a great source of nutrition as they contain over 20 vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients. Avocados sometimes get a bad rep because of their high calorie count, but they are a source of "good' fat and might even help you lose weight by helping you feel full and increasing metabolism. They're great for babies and kids as well as they're a superfood that is easy to mash and eat-perfect for early eaters! 

Sometimes buying the correct avocado…


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NOT Gaining Holiday Weight

When I was an English teacher I tried never to work in the world of double negative. Now that I am a doula and health coach, working with pregnant women and busy moms trying to stay healthy and fit, sometimes double negatives are the only thing to rely on. I mean, of course, losing weight is better than NOT gaining, but I'm pretty realistic about such things and after 3 horrible weeks of hurricane fallout and heading into the most fattening six weeks of the year, the goal might just be…


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When Parenting Means Doing Stuff You Hate

It's that time of year again. Some people call it back to school, I call it last minute deadlines for stupid summer projects. I was a teacher for ten years. I still consider myself a teacher, as I spend most of my time teaching folks about either having babies or eating right.But no matter how long I have education…


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New Moms: It Gets Better

I was in church the other day watching a mom deal with a baby that was around 8-9 months old. I say deal, because that's just what she was doing. I thought he was as cute as can be, but that's because he wasn't mine. 

He was doing that screech thing babies that age do, where they clearly would be telling a grand story if they had the words but instead they're just…


Added by Cristie Ritz King on June 5, 2012 at 11:13am — 2 Comments

I Know It's Cliche...

I went to buckle my littlest in the car today and was struck dumb by the passage of time. He is five and recently in a high-backed booster seat so we can put the arms of the van captain's chairs down around him. These arms haven't been in a down position since this boy was born and we installed his baby seat. Therefore, today was the first time I noticed there was spilled…


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Sometimes I Hate Santa

I have to admit, I have to work really hard to get in the holiday spirit. We are a family on a cash only budget through the year and having three kids with longer and longer wish lists does nothing to help me feel merry when I hear those sleigh bells. 



Added by Cristie Ritz King on December 12, 2011 at 3:55pm — 3 Comments

Traveling for One...Or Five?

This is how traveling makes me feel.


I went on a work trip in August to a conference that I had been looking forward to attending all year. I spent one day immersed in writing, two days immersed in bloggers and one day wandering a new city all on my own. Bliss right? Well, yes, once I got…


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What My Kids Watch on Television (Yes, I'm admitting it. No Judging!)

My kids watch TV. Sometimes, like rainy summer days, they watch a lot.

There, I…


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Being Who You Are

One of the greatest parts of motherhood for me was the confidence that came with it. Sure, at first I felt like I wasn't doing anything right and I questioned every step I had to make. But after some time, when I had some major decisions under my belt and somehow my kid was still thriving, I began to see that I wasn't a complete screw up. So if you're new at this mom thing, never fear-you won't feel clueless forever!

As years have passed and we've added more babes to our menagerie,…


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In Search of My Village- "Weight loss"

I went back today. Back to the Weight Loss Center.

I tried it online for a few months. I tracked and measured. I thought I could do it alone. I know the drill by now. 

I did alright. Not great, but alright. My habits have changed so that I eat pretty healthy, most of the time these days and I exercise somewhat regularly too. But the ugly truth remains, with no one to answer to, I am not as disciplined with the tracking and as honest with my portions as I should be. Alone, I am…


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Be Who You Are

After you have kids, figuring out "who" you are is difficult. The natural inclination is to find the old you-the one from before kids. I find though, that the person I was before kids is irreplaceable. Who I am now can not be the same as who I was before. I am new and different as a mom than I was as a single girl or married woman without kids. Finding the new me has been a journey, but I wouldn't trade it for the world. On this last birthday, I reflected on…


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Run Like a Mother?

January brings all sorts of resolutions doesn't it? Many of us have pledged to get back in to shape. I have. I've been running twice a week and going to a fitness class one other day but this comes after a long, lazy break. Today, I was reminded of a post I wrote this summer when I was just trying to get my pre-baby body back. I hope maybe it can inspire some of you to do the same.



I have never called myself a runner. In 1999…


Added by Cristie Ritz King on January 11, 2011 at 10:13am — 2 Comments

Will We Ever Eat Out Again?

I'm beginning to think I should change my profile to "food mom" on this site as it seems I only post about eating. I swear I do more than just eat and feed my kids. I need to choose different topics to share. Oh well, I'll set my reputation aside today because I wanted to address one of those new-parent mysteries:kids in restaurants. I know, not exactly a heavy topic for a hospital website, but if you're anything like we were as new parents, getting out is very important.

I remember when I… Continue

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Feeding Your Kids Healthy-For Every Mom - By Mom Blogger Cristie Ritz King

I had one of those rare mom-affirming moments the other day. I gave my kids smoothies made from an instant smoothie mix that you find in the freezer department. I never buy that stuff, but we were on week two of

"soft" diet for my daughter after tonsil surgery and I was out of ideas. So, I used a free item coupon and made the kids fake smoothies. Guess what? They hated them. Even my youngest, who would eat straight sugar for every meal if allowed, hated them. They all…


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