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Preventing Whooping Cough in Children

“Whooping cough is an illness caused by a bacteria called bordetella pertussis. This is a bacteria known to produce a very characteristic sound with coughing fits. That’s where it got it’s name, whooping cough,” said Dr. Adam Kaplan.

Jersey Shore University Medical Center’s Dr. Kaplan says the infection is highly contagious and can be deadly.  - Learn more…


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New Study Finds More Yoga Poses Safe During Pregnancy

Yoga During Pregnancy is a Do! Research study by former Jersey Shore University Medical Center resident Dr. Rachel Polis proves health benefits of yoga poses!

#yoga #pregnancy #JerseyShore #moms #health #wellness…


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7 Good Excuses for Moms to Get a Colonoscopy

It's the day before my colonoscopy!

Why you might ask? I'm 42 and look relatively healthy. But the truth is I have Crohn's  Disease. I have for 20+ years. Colonoscopies are just one of the necessary evils I have to have done to be proactive and monitor my disease.

If you've heard anything about colonoscopies you heard about the prep. The prep, although getting better, is worse than the actual colonoscopy. It goes something like…


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This Mama Needs More Sleep!

Very recently I attended the sleep symposium -- The Power of an Hour , hosted by Meridian Health and The Asbury Park Press -- and and as I walked out the door of my house that morning, my husband said, "You realize you probably know everything they're gonna tell you.  You just never APPLY those things in your real life."

Well, he was kind of right.  I KNOW I don't get enough sleep.  I KNOW I watch TV late-night when I probably should be winding down or reading.  I KNOW I have a decent…


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What I learned from Meridian's Power of an Hour sleep presentation

Last weekend I was invited to experience Meridian's Power of an Hour sleep presentation along with some of my MomTourage friends Jennifer Auer, Alix Hayes, and Maria Wood. It could not have come at a better time as I had not been sleeping all that great up until that point.  The presentation was led by Meridian sleep specialist Dr. Carol Ash and included a panel…


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Musical Beds

In my house, we play musical beds. There are five beds for five people, and only two of us consistently sleep in one place. The non-traveling sleepers are me (my bed is by far the most comfortable bed in the house, if not the world) and my oldest son, who has recently moved into his own room complete with a futon, or “puton” as he mistakenly called it, before I corrected him, he convinced me to buy for him at Ikea when we were shopping to furnish his new, and more private,…


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Friendsgiving, A Celebration of My Children's Friendships


Thanksgiving brings about a time where we are all feeling thankful for the people we love and have in our life. Friendships are no different. As I get older I learn to value the friendships my children and I have even more. But how do we teach our children to do the same?

Whether it's a friend my child has known for years or a new one they met this year on the soccer fields, all of these friendships are important and I want my children to learn to be thankful…


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5 Tips to De-Stress Your Day

Plan Your Week Each Sunday I like to take a look at my calendar for the week ahead. What appointments do I have coming up? Where do the kids need to be? What are my super hectic nights? I then take the time to figure out meals, make my to do list, see what days would be good ones to run errands, etc. I make…


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Celebrate Small Wins

“I had a good day!”

Such music to my ears! It was the first thing I heard as I walked in the door. I literally danced over to my son and gave him a high five, lifted him up, and celebrated along as he put a smiley face next to “Keep your hands to…


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Keeping Balance is a Mother’s Ultimate Superpower

Happy, healthy motherhood is all a balancing act.

Remember, it’s not just about what your kids need. It’s important to balance family obligations with healthy habits that support your own needs, interests and identity. No matter how busy you are or how crazy things get, you need to set some time aside for yourself.

Another important lesson I’ve learned is to not overwhelm yourself by taking on too many things at once. Try to tackle too much in one day, you’ll just wind up…


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What my Boys Learn From Having a Mom With Crohn's Disease

Being a mom is a tough job. Being a mom with a chronic condition, like Crohn's Disease, I have days when that job is even more difficult. As a mom, I have to keep going and I'm trying to do that in a way that helps my family grow as a result of my condition.

I have lived with Crohn's Disease for over 20 years, 11 of those as a mom. I'd say the good majority of those years my children had no idea that something was wrong with mommy. Crohn's is a silent disease. It's something I live…


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Trick or treating tips

Before the kids run out the door this Halloween to get as much candy as they can carry, you will want to lay some ground rules to keep trick-or-treating as worry-free as possible. Keep your kids safe and healthy with these tips:

  • Add reflective tape to your children's costumes. They may balk at the idea as most scary ghouls do not shine in bright light. However,…

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Shopping for Halloween Candy

With Halloween only a few days away, it’s time to begin preparation for the candy, crazy costumes, and scary decorations. Besides the costumes, candy is probably the most important piece to Halloween.

What do you…


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Staying Active is a Family Affair

In my house, weekends are all about family, fun and fresh air. 

Because our schedules can be so crazy during the week, it’s important for us to spend Saturday and Sunday active, outside and together.

There’s nothing like a little fun family competition, and fall—especially here in New Jersey—is the perfect time of year for getting outside with your kids. My girls love to ride the bike path, run around at the park, or even just kick around the soccer ball. They’re also…


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How I Protect My Kids From The Flu

I recently got a job at my kids' school as a cafeteria aide. It has been very fulfilling in many different ways. Because I float around the cafeteria every lunch period wiping down tables, and tying shoes, I can see my kids in their environment interacting with their friends and teachers. I can sort of be a "fly on the wall" and catch bits of conversation that I…


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Shopping for a Halloween Costume

Shopping for a Halloween costume can be tricky business, especially when you have several little people to please. Many variables have to be taken into consideration, from comfort and warmth, to the children still wanting the same costume when Halloween rolls around. Then there is the obscure costume that is not sold in stores and has to be handmade (you can find almost any “how to” on YouTube - FYI!) In case you have these costume troubles, give yourself a lot of time and prepare…


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Fall Weekend Road-Trips with the Family!

I just came home from a work trip to Connecticut, and I was amazed at how the trees have changed colors so much earlier, just two hours north of our home in the Garden State! It got me thinking–where can I take the kids and my husband for some weekend or day trips during this fabulous Fall season?

Here are some suggestions I hope you FALL for (get it?):

--Cape May: I actually have only driven through here on my way to the Lewes Ferry, so I plan to bring my family this season to…


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Get a Hold of Holiday Shopping with the "Santa's Bag" App

Christmas is a little over two months away. Before we know it, we will be right smack in the middle of crazy holiday shopping madness. If you're anything like me, the earlier you start your shopping and grabbing things here & there, the easier it becomes to forget what you've spent and even purchased along the way.  

Last year, in an effort to organize yet one more part of my life, I found a great app called "Santa's Bag" that helped me budget and plan for the holiday season…


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When People Stare or Snicker

I read an article that really stuck with me the other day.  The author was a mom of a baby girl with a cleft palate.  Her daughter had not yet had the corrective plastic surgery to fix the cleft palate, and in the article the author discussed how she feels about people staring at her daughter and how her feelings have evolved. It was brilliant. And it made me think about the feelings I have when people stare at my child, who has been diagnosed with autism.

The other…


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Sky’s the Limit for Kids Who Stay Active and Engaged

People are sometimes shocked when I tell them that my sport of choice growing up wasn’t soccer at all, but rather basketball.

In fact, I even went to college on a basketball scholarship.

My point is, when it comes to kids and extracurricular activities, it’s less about what they are involved in and more that they’re simply involved.

We try to give our kids a taste of everything, soccer, basketball, dance – ballet, hip hop, jazz – gymnastics. As they get older,…


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