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Parenting (9 years old and deodorant) When is it time to buy your child deodorant and how do you know?

My son is nine years old.He came home from school saying his gym teachers said it was time for deodorant.I couldn't believe my ears....How did my oldest son get so big already and or was it really time for this?
I waited to see the first couple of times after gym and after pick ups. Yes that gym teacher was right!! I could not believe my nose.LOL 
Doing research I found an all natural deodorant made by Tom's. It seems to be working.
Good luck moms watching them get big so fast can be stinky..LOL

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Thank you for your wonderful advice.I have been at a loss with the same issue.All natural deodorant is a terrific idea Thank Jen
I really think it varies by child...when you start to notice, so do they... As far as type, I feel that it has to be something they are comfortable with, or they won't use it regularly. My 11 YO son started asking about deodorant a year or so ago, and when we were in the store, he checked out the selection. I told him what his dad used, and he opted for another scent in the same brand. Much to my surprise, he chose a musk scent, and now feels rather grown up when he uses "the musk." But because he chose it, he uses it without prompting,
I have two daughters. My oldest started using deodorant when she was about 10 or 11 and my youngest started when she was nine. Kids seem to be developing much earlier than I remember. Guess it differs a little from child to child. As far as choosing a type of deodorant, we originally chose a natural one, but manufacturers know what they're doing because my kids are now attracted to something a bit more "Teen" like.
I'll offer this: when they smell...
true ;) it could be

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