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Did you know? In the 1950s, the average home size was 983 square feet. Today, the average home size is 2,349. How much space do you have and do you think it's too much or too little?

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I'd prefer a smaller home actually. It leaves less space for clutter to collect. It's less space that I have to clean. Our home is 2000 sq. ft, but our master bedroom is quite large. I've found that because it is so large, it often becomes my dumping ground for everything rather than being my sanctuary. In that respect, I certainly wish the room were just a bit smaller.
Smaller is generally more manageable, but you're right, there are certain areas that can become a "dumping ground" for stuff that doesn't have a home. I'd suggest assessing what gets dropped in your master bedroom, then attempt to give it a home either there or in another part of the home. If the master bedroom appears to be the best place, and there's enough room, use decorative baskets to conceal the clutter but that allows it to be stored or parked temporarily.
Great advice, Stacey! Thanks. I am going to look into buying one of those storage units with cubes. I can buy some pretty baskets to put in the cubes for hiding my "stuff". Plus, it's a great opportunity to throw away and donate what I don't need or use anymore.

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