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Hello all,

My name is Heather and I have a 6 week old daughter at home named Riley. All is good, she is growing so fast and learning so much. There is just one problem, My husband is having a hard time bonding with her. before having her he had no prior experience dealing with babies. He is gone 12 or more hours a day for work. When he comes home at night he tries to hold her and feed her but she usually just ends up screaming. He is really starting to get upset and discouraged. How can I help them bond? and more importantly what can he do to get her to know him?

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As a father of three little ones I can relate.  It's tough and very frustrating when your baby is crying when you are trying to calm and bond with them.  I think he just has to keep holding and feeding her when he gets home.  I remember doing a lot of "bopping", lunges across the room and boucing to a song on the tv or ipod.  Tell him not to give up and just keep holding her.  Eventually she will come around and you guys will laugh at this months from now.  Good luck!

what about weekends?

are you BF (and pumping?) or formula?  can he do middle of the nite feeds for you?

it's tough on hubbies, espec ones that work crazy hours i would imagine... make sure he knows in a few yrs she will prob ONLY want daddy! :)  can he do thinks like baths or tummy time too? just some thoughts!  (ps when she's older the Monmouth County Parks has "Daddy and Me" playgroups/activities)

ps do you have a moby wrap or bjorn?  maybe he can wear her around the house so she hears his heartbeat, smells him more, etc.  pps you can also put one of his t-shirts (or have him sleep on a burp cloth, which smaller) near her during naps etc.

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